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Hello to everybody !! How are you today ? Fine ? I hope so !!

My name is Melchior Jourdan, alias "SuperSmurgger" (don't ask me where it comes from, please...), a 22 year-old artist and budding novelist who loves drawing hugs, fanart, sci-fi, space art, Doraemon and anime-related stuff & much more !
I live in France, although I have plans to travel the world and visit many countries, especially Japan.

Born in november 1992 near the Paris bassin in France, I am now a young author who resides in the south of France, where I was raised. My passion for Japanese culture, especially the universe of cartoons and anime from this country, was the triggering factor that encouraged hime to try my hand at writing fanfiction-based stories, an experience thanks to which I found a passion for writing itself.

And this is how it all began ! As far back as 2008, I started flooding the web with my drawing madness. And now, the time has come to set down my imagination on paper. I have finally decided to become an author, althougt still an budding amateur, and I want to share the products of this new turn in my life with the rest of the world. A new author is born, lost among the millions in this world, whose work fluctuates between science-fiction, space opera and fanart...and is also lost among the millions of such simlar works of art proliferating on the internet !

My first books are currently being written...and my patience being tested ! :D But don't worry, in the meantime, the picture flooding goes on...or I should say "start up" again after a several-years-long hiatus ! :)

I wish you all the best, I also hope you'll enjoy my art as well as I'll be enjoying yours !

Useful links (Sites & Accounts )

Official website

Doraemon Tribute Site

Other place where you can join me

Money is not something I like to run after, but when you need it, you have no choice ! So if you would like to support my work with a generous mouthly "income", then please consider to...

My Current Projects

Looking for a Reason to Live

Conceived as an ephemeral tribute fanfiction work done “on a whime” in the first place, the first writen story ever produced by the author, since August 2012, stars one of the main protagonists, Nobita Nobi, from the storyline of Doraemon universe, a Japanese anime show adapted from the eponymous manga, in an alternate version of the story. Currently being written, the project may soon, in a close future, come back to life with a brand new shape : a completely-independant story of original content, with its own universe and characters this time, but all while keeping all the inspiration drawn from Doraemon.

"After another horrible day, Nobita argues with Doraemon and separates from him. This painful experience, as paired up with all the hardships he has accumulated during his short lifetime, does not fail to make him fully realizes his nature as the worst loser of all times. Eventually resigned, he decides to put an end to his life. But not until he can accomplish one last good deed before leaving..."

Notice : The project in question, as a kind of fan-based "stand-alone" story arc standing out in the science-fiction-dominated universe of the author, has its own dedicated site.

Colonia Cycle - Volume 1 : A New Threat

The Colonia Project is my first major non-fanfiction science-fiction project, and my second book currently in the writing after "Nobita's Depression : Looking for a reason to live".

Started in June 2015, it first was pictured, in its author's mind, as a science-fiction production occuring in an epic space opera and galactic-war-like context. The overall creative process and ideas about its universe and characters are still at a conceptual stage, altough several chapters have already been laid on paper as of today (last update in late September).

"The story plot revolves around the adventures of Barney and Kadrix, a patriotic militaryman with a fullfilled career and a mysterious humain outsider of shady past meandering around the planetary worlds of a vast galactic confederation ; the only stable and fecund humano-alien alliance in the Milky Way, and a fragil peace between a gigantic cultural melting-pot of countless highly-advanced alien species, and the declining democratic-republic-turned remnants of a once powerful Human Empire.

But as a new threat, posed by the indiscriminate assault of a newly-discovered yet unknown hostile civilization against the Confederation of Galactic Species, casts its shadow on the whole galaxy, the two fundamentally-opposed heroes are taken by storm, and their own destiny quickly catches up to them.

Facing the collapse of their society and the imminant disaster bringing their world on the verge of extinction, teared apart by their own inner struggles and left to their own devices in a dangerous universe made of strange surprises, nothing but one thing could possibly help them in their fight : themselves.

In this galaxy where corruption prevails, where distrust lives and where virtue survives, the chances of success are weak. But not is the willpower to achive so."

Please like and subscribe to this page if you feel interested in following his project !

:heart: Whatever you like or Whoever you are, thanks you all for supporting & :+fav: my art, and for :+devwatch: me ; I really like that ! :heart:

Current Residence: France !

Favourite genre of music: Disco/Rock/Dance/New-Wave/Alternative/Pop/Classical/Heavy Metal

Favourite style of art: Drawing/3D modeling/Comic/caricature

Personal Quote: "Do not hug the war ; just make a War of Hugs" !


Stay strong Paris by saeko-doylePray foR PARIS by sadeceKAANPray for Paris by LucioroPray For Paris by AadavyPray For Paris by sofia-1989

Bullet; GreenEnglishBullet; Green

I am a little late now and I know it is not much, but I really wish to make this tribute to all those who bore, and are still bearing everyday what we, people of France, have been through for one night.

- Beirut bombing
- Ankara (Turkey) bombings.
- Kenya attacks
- Syrian civil war
- Iraq insurgency
- Thailand bombing
- Sinaï Crash
- War in Palestine
- Children slaughters in Afganistan
- Boko Haram rapts in Nigeria
- Paris attacks


I lost count of everything that happened for the past few years, as there is way too much of it. Not watching TV anymore. Sorry for not mentionning them all. My heart is broken, but it still holds a place for all the suffering one. For everybody on Earth, in fact.

This, my dear friends, was just a simple haphazardly-written speech, for I lack the words and the necessary verbal fencing to express how I'm feeling as much truly as possible.
It is all filled with clichés one can see a thousand times in his life, but the hell with people who have something to say about it.

I simply hope that, one day, I shall have the pleasure to say I couldn't find enough space in my list to say it all.
Because on this day, my list shall be filled with all the positive things one will enjoy every day.

I want peace for all of you. So please, have peace. Not war. 
Or just make a war of hugs, do not hug the war.

Bullet; BlueFrenchBullet; Blue

Je sais que ce n'est pas grand chose, mais j'aimerais dédicacer ce petit mot à tous ceux qui ont subi, et subissent encore tous les jours ce que nous avons enduré pendant une seule nuit.

- Beyrouth et l'attaque sanglante que DAESH y a commis. 
- La Turquie et les 102 morts de l'attentat du 10 octobre à Ankara. 
- Le Kenya et tous les meurtres épouvantables que les Djihadiste Somaliens y ont perpétrés, déchaînés sur ce pays merveilleux qui a inspiré le Roi Lyon, l'un de mes préférés en Afrique que je comptais visiter. 
- La Syrie, l'Irak et les quelque 300000 morts d'une guerre civil qu'on l'on aurait pu, nous forces de l'OTAN, stopper dès 2012.
- La Thaïlande et le bombe qui a explosé à Bangkok, même si elle n'était pas d'origine islamiste.
- Le crash dans le Sinaï de l'avion russe et de ses 224 passagers qui n'avaient rien demandé à personne.
- Ces malheureux enfants palestiniens fauchés injustement, et d'une manière horrible par le radicalisme d'une guerre vieille de 70 ans.
- Les centaines d'enfants massacrés dans des écoles Afghanes par les Talibans, et tout autant par Boko Haram au Nigéria.

J'ai perdu le compte de tout ce qui s'est passé, rien que cette année. Je ne regarde plus la télé, jet e suis convaincu d'en avoir raté bien d'autres. Donc vous m'excuserez de ne pas avoir pu tout citer, de même pour les quelques fautes d'orthographe.

Car dans mon cœur blessé, tous ceux qui ont souffert de cette barbarie auront toujours une place qui leur est réservée. Comme pour tout le monde sur Terre.

Voilà, c'était ma petite déclaration écrite à l'arrache parce que je n'ai pas d'autre mots, ni de joute verbale assez étendue pour exprimer tout ce que je ressent avec un minimum de véracité.
Je sais, c'est bourré d'expressions clichés à mort, mais j'emmerde ceux qui ne sont pas contents.

J'espère simplement avoir, un jour, le plaisir d'annoncer à nouveau que je n'ai pas trouvé assez de place pour tout mettre dans ma liste. 
Car ce jour-là, ma liste sera pleine de toutes les choses positives que nous pourrons enfin vivre au quotidien.

Allez tous en paix.

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